About me

As you probably saw on the main page, my name is Hubert, but people on the Internet call me ivirtex. I am a software developer from Poland.

I mostly work on mobile apps using SwiftUI and Flutter , but I am also interested in reverse engineering, 3D graphics and UI, UX design. I enjoy experimenting with new frameworks and libraries to see how they work and to determine their pros and cons (e.g. this website is built using Astro ).

I love open-source software and I am always looking for new projects to contribute to. In fact, I am an actual contributor to the official Flutter repository , where I helped with fidelity issues in one of the core packages (Cupertino) and I also committed to the Flutter's platform testing tools . Besides Flutter I also contributed to many other, smaller open-source projects.

Feel free to reach out to me on /contact and check out my GitHub profile to see what I am working on!